PosiGen and Solar Energy in New Orleans

Solar power access has never been easy as it is now in New Orleans. The ease in access has resulted from the lucrative solar leasing program brought by the PosiGen Company. Right now, the low-to-moderate members of the community and community of color can have such access. However, this was not the case before. Hurricane Katrina struck the New Orleans community, bringing about the loss of lives and property damages. Thomas Neyhart points out that while rebuilding, the community came up with 16 programs to facilitate this. However, the programs only focused on the wealthy in the community. 


PosiGen saw the disparity in rebuilding and development, which forced them to take action. Unlike other solar energy companies, PosiGen introduced leasing programs for their solar power. The program, Thomas Neyhart pointed out, included specific initiatives which enticed the disadvantaged members of the New Orleans community. One of the significant initiatives included free installation and maintenance for their solar power products through the leasing period. The leasing program meant that they could now save on utility bills and use the savings on other things. Also, having free installation and maintenance guaranteed the reduced costs. By holding on to prices, the disadvantaged in the community could now improve their economy. 


The reason for this is that they could channel the cash into other community projects. PosiGen Company did not only stop at the provision of affordable solar energy for the New Orleans community. The company also came up with employment opportunities for this community. The company ensures that 65 percent of its workers comprise the community of color and women (Crunchbase).

They also ensure to help citizens from the disadvantaged members of the New Orleans community. Such initiative has successfully helped reduce insecurity in the area as most people have something substantial that can bring in income to their families. At PosiGen, it is no secret the positive impact solar energy has on the environment, fighting climate change. Unlike the past, Thomas Neyhart explains, where they had to use resources from the environment to harness the power, dependence on natural resources is achieved. As a result, the atmosphere in New Orleans has been maintained and improved. More and more people have switched to green energy. In return, the quality of life for those living in New Orleans has also been improved.