Alejandro Betancourt Enhancing Product Sales through Effective Online Ads Programs

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, a vital official at Hawkers, joined the eyewear manufacturers providing necessary capital for operation expansion. A skilled corporate leader, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, also strategized more non-traditional techniques to supply sunglasses worldwide.

Hawkers rarely advertise through conventional mediums such as television and newspapers; they have mover operation into new models, including advertisement platforms such as social media. With a production chain spanning from Italy to China, and Spain, the firm never sell their product to optical professionals, or retailers, and wholesalers.

Without these traditional distributors, Lopez emphasizes the online selling strategy through multiple social media. They currently operate a successful Facebook Ads program, a tremendous success because of the profitability, complexity, and scale.

Ideal clients are targeted through their interests, gender, and other numerous factors. The firm even re-targets potential clients to see other related ads often.

Their current target group is the younger generation, especially individuals passionate about trends and style. Simultaneously, these clients are individuals that ideally save money. To satisfy this group, the corporation ensures their sales prices are accessible by prospective customers.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez guided numerous efforts that prioritized gaining visibility worldwide. Their tactics included but went beyond celebrity advertisement. They did contract deals with influencers, with the arrangements often containing discounts, commission on sold products, and company stock.

To maximize visibility, Betancourt also used the college word-of-mouth advertisement program. Particular students became brand ambassadors boosting sales since they were style advisors to numerous students. Participants could even receive incentives, including travel vouchers and event tickets.

Retracing its growth, the eyewear manufacturer has expanded from four friends reselling their imported sunglasses in the United States to developing their own designs and selling globally.

Through high product demand, a significant social media following, and its strategic online advertising, Hawkers have stricken the eyewear sector market.

About Alejandro Betancourt

Their leader, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, has set channels selling products worth over $70 million, with almost 90% being through social media.